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At Wonstark Consulting, our mission is to provide creative direction in new media, design and key aspects of the film industry. Each of our consultants are experienced veterans in a range of fields - providing our clients with content analysis, digital marketing needs, strategic branding and project development. By enlisting our repertoire of modern technologies, consultants at Wonstark meet today's standards and exceed them giving way for a fresh platform for our clients to conduct business.


Discovery. Analysis. Ideation. Prototype. Evaluate.


We help better explain what they do since their services can often feel intangible, and to narrow in on words and images that reflect their specific philosophy and approach, in a way that feels equally inspiring and hireable. This is what we do for designers, writers, photographers & filmmakers.


We are hired to put words to what clents do, to define the style they want to be known for, to hone in on the dream client they want to actually design for, and to position themselves as creative experts instead of order-takers.


We are hired to match our clients brand look-and-feel to their point-of-view, to get their personal voice more blended into their professional content, or vice versa, to help turn their personal brand into content they get paid for.


We are hired to package our clients expertise and point it toward the right kind of dream client, because not unlike designers, photographers, and filmmakers are creating a product – but they still want their specific style and service to set them apart.

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We work tirelessly to offer our clients the best in customer service.

Analysis & Content Development

Andres Irias

Branding & Content Development

Stark Element Films

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AlarmPro Delmarva

Branding & Project Development

Veracity Matters



We work with an array of applications and resources; Adobe's Creative Cloud, Final Draft, Microsft, Google, Celtx, Davinci Resolve, Boujou, Mpix, Samsung, and Mac OSX.

About Us

Wonstark was started to realize our own independence and combine our creative powers but, realized that our own creative expertise could help other working creatives better share and sell what they are best at and what they really want to be doing everyday. Our background is in advertising and freelance, designing and writing, marketing and consulting. A day-in-the-life of a consultant at Wonstark could include video chatting with a designer, writer, filmmaker or photographer as we go through the our method to help narrow in on a business vision. Be sure to visit us to learn more, we are located in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland.

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